Shayani Jayasinghe

Shayani Jayasinghe

Faculty of Arts

“It was indeed a great pleasure to represent Sri Lanka and the University of Colombo at the JENESYS 2.0 program 2013 organized by the Government of Japan for university students from SAARC countries.By participating in this program we gained knowledge on industrial development in modern Japan. It is indeed great to see how Japan has transformed from an isolated nation in the Tokugawa period to a great nation with large scale technological innovations and very high infrastructure development.

We were taken to the Shibaura Water reclamation center in Tokyo. It is the 3rd oldest water reclamation center in Tokyo. We visited the Nihon Minkaen open air Museum in Kawasaki to experience the rich Japanese culture. We saw many Traditional Japanese farmhouses, samurai houses, merchant houses (e.g. Suzuki House) and a Kabuki stage. We also took part in a traditional Japanese Indigo dying workshop. It was a great experience as we got a chance to get a good knowledge on Japanese architectural history as well as their traditional way of living. Many of the traditional style houses have wooden floors known as Tatami.

The Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum was a good experience of the developments of modern science and technology. The museum exhibited a large amount of replicas of rockets, air planes, ships, machinery etc. The experience-based exhibits encourage visitors to experience aspects of manufacturing through the design, fabrication and operation of various types of vehicles.

At the Wada Elementary School, we shared our experiences and cultural values with Grade 6 students. The students and school authorities welcomed us warmly. Our final action plan focused mostly on increasing productivity through efficiency and punctuality. It received very good response from the audience. The Japanese are very active people who are very committed and efficient. They are very punctual and hard working. Therefore, by participating in the JENESYS 2.0 program we gained a wide knowledge on the Japanese culture, industries and the success behind Japan’s successful industrial development.

The JENESYS program was indeed a great experience for us not only because we got a chance to experience the industrial developments in Japan but we also got a chance to meet lot of nice people from different cultured and exchange ideas with the”.